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Orthodox Prayer Ropes (Chotki / Komboskini)

Prayer ropes are used by Eastern Orthodox Christians to pray the "Jesus Prayer". Because of its Christian symbolic value, we tie the prayer ropes from 100% Merino wool threads. Our selection includes chotkis of 50, 100, 150 and 300 knots, but also wrist bracelets of 33 knots. Except for the 33 knot models, all the other models come with multiple divider beads, a knotted cross and a tassel.

Orthodox Christians refer to prayer ropes as "chotki". They also use to call them "komboskini", which is the transliteration from the greek word "κομποσκοίνι". Both of these terms refer to a prayer rope.

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Price: $10 / Shipping: $1
Price: $10 / Shipping: $1
Price: $20 / Shipping: $1
For Eastern Orthodox Christians, wool is a reminder that we are rational sheep of the Good Shepherd, Jesus Christ, and also a reminder of the Lamb of God Who takes away our sins. Divider beads are placed along the prayer rope, one for the 33 knot wrist model, two for the 50 knot model and four for the 100, 150 and 300 knot models. The beads can help us counting the knots while praying.
Price: $30 / Shipping: $1
Price: $40 / Shipping: $1
Price: $60 / Shipping: $1
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Those who have read The Way of a Pilgrim are familiar with the expression 'The Jesus Prayer'. It refers to a short prayer the words of which are: 'Lord Jesus Christ, Son of God, have mercy on me, a sinner,' constantly repeated. The Way of a Pilgrim is the story of a man who wanted to learn to pray constantly (1 Thes 5:17). As the man whose experience is being related is a pilgrim, a great many of his psychological characteristics, and the way in which he learned and applied the prayer, were conditioned by the fact that he lived in a certain way, which makes the book less universally applicable than it could be; and yet it is the best possible introduction to this prayer, which is one of the greatest treasures of the Orthodox Church. - Metropolitan Anthony Bloom
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A snippet of wisdom from "The Way of a Pilgrim"...
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"Ah, dear brother, how much disaster we meet with just because we are lazy about seeking Light for our souls through the Word of Truth. We do not study God's law day and night, and we do not pray diligently and unceasingly. And because of this our inner man is hungry and cold, starved, so that it has no strength to take a bold step forward upon the road of righteousness and salvation!"

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