The Craft and Art of Prayer Rope Tying

Video resources on how to tie your own prayer ropes
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The craft of prayer rope tying is not well known, even though it traces its roots back to a tradition which origin is lost in antiquity. In short, the story is told of a monk who decided to make knots in a rope, which he could use in carrying out his daily rule of prayer. But the devil kept untying the knots he made in the rope, frustrating the poor monk's efforts. Then an angel appeared and taught the monk a special kind of knot that consists of ties of interlocked crosses, and these knots the devil was unable to unravel. (source)

The easiest way to learn a craft is having an experienced teacher share with you all his knowledge. This would be our recommendation to anyone interested in learning how to tie prayer ropes! However, considering it may not be an easy task to find someone to help you in this unique endeavor, we thought about creating a section that would serve as a guideline in your learning process, and ultimately attempt to make you succeed in tying your own prayer rope. We would like to warn you that it is not going to be an easy journey, as you will need a lot of patience and exercise. In case you find yourself on the verge of giving up, please do not feel discouraged, and remember that after all, you can always try finding someone that can personally teach you this wonderful handcraft. With a bit of perseverance, you should succeed finding the right person!

This section features five video clips created by different authors. They all present the process involved in tying an Orthodox prayer rope. The reason for including multiple clips is that we thought it was important for you to discover unique ways of making prayer ropes, as we consider that prayer rope tying is also an art to a certain extent. Each material generally comes with certain details and accents, giving them their own unique flavor at passing the knowledge to you. Moreover, they were carefully selected from a longer list of available videos. Even though the clips in our selection may also lack technical quality, or they could have done a better job at showing the details of the tying process, we believe they are among the best videos you will find when searching the Internet for such resources.

In addition to our video list, we would also like to recommend two documents that you may find helpful. You may access them here, and here. In the end, we hope that everything presented here will allow you to discover and learn this wonderful monastic activity that can bring a lot of spiritual peace and joy, not only to you, but also to others!

How to
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How to make a prayer rope
How to tie a Prayer Rope (clip #1)
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